Big Project Reveals & Funky Updates

Hi all! been busier than usual recently due to some big deadlines for some epic projects, some of which I can finally reveal today, huzzah!

The Collective known as my 'Network Of Awesome' is going from strength to strength, and it now has its very own video intro! Made this as a trademark intro/outro that any member can use in their own videos, as a signature to show their membership in the network, and I created it depicting everyone's logo/symbol all connecting to one another in a big ol' panoramic view. Sniff, it's beautiful (though i'm biased cos I made it) Check it out below!

After months of working on it, I can finally reveal the album artwork for Mega Ran's upcoming album, RNDM! Depicting a portrait of the man himself, it is split into both sides of the pioneering musician, realistic and old school 8-bit graphics, which represents the duality of his music, both as a nerdy rapper and a solid Hip Hop artist. This project is a commission that I'm most proud of to date, and it's been an honor to create such artwork for such an amazing album. Go pre-order that here! :

Album cover for RNDM, The version Kickstarter backers will get who pledged enough to get their exclusive copy.

I seem to be on a roll with album art reveals recently, so here's another! Today marks the 20th anniversary of the classic JRPG Chrono Trigger's release in the west! To celebrate this, epic producer K Murdock is going to be working on an epic sequel to his last HERO MUZIK album (the original was a homage to Final Fantasy 6), focusing on re-imagining the amazing score from the original game in his trademark style. I'm honoured to reveal that it is my good self who was asked to do the cover art for this project, and although the final artwork and album itself won't be out until near the end of the year, here's the official teaser art to announce the project! :D

The album art for this exciting project is just one of a few tributes that I will be doing over the coming few weeks, so keep an eye out on all my social media for more exciting announcements!

It's been such a hectic past few weeks for me recently, but the things revealed in this news update are just the tip of the iceberg, with a couple of ongoing logo design projects, illustration and poster stuff, not to mention finally starting the Network of Awesome Showcase videos which I'm really excited to get out there. I'll be sure to keep you all posted with my newest projects as they get revealed, so thank you for following me and supporting me on this crazy ol' journey of mine.

Til next time, have a gander at my latest YouTube Channel Trailer, which explains all the cool stuff I do in general, as well as the exclusive stuff I do just on YouTube.

Catch ya later! ~Dan