The Network Of Awesome & Other Big Projects

Hi everybody! Couple of big tit-bits of news today, some stuff I've been steadily leaking through other sites and social media as well as some new stuff.

To start with, I've been talking about for awhile, how I'm in the process of creating Artist Showcase videos as well interviews with the artists themselves which I have been sharing on my YouTube channel. This whole endeavor is a group I have founded title the 'NETWORK OF AWESOME'  and is my aim to gather artists from all sorts of creative backgrounds together and help promote all their awesome work through various methods. At the moment we are all working behind the scenes, interacting, helping and sharing our work with each other while I work away on creating the Showcase videos themselves.... though I can reveal that their will be an official site with which you will find all the artists involved, as well as a link to the videos once they're up. As well as all that, numerous other projects alongside my interview series, which are still currently top secret! ...But making you all aware that the video's are just the start of some major plans as we take this much further, so stick around ;)

In terms of personal projects, I've been working on several big commissions that due to their release date not being anytime soon I've had to keep news on these under wraps. One however is nearing completion, the much anticipated album release of RNDM By good friend and super talented guy Mega Ran! I've been contributing visuals for this project of his for a long time now, and I can't wait for it to drop so I can show you all my hard work. Until then click on the teaser image, to go visit Mega Ran's brand new Label website where you're able to pre-order the album itself and preview a snippet of one of his songs.... the one that will be featured in the end credits of the upcoming Mighty Number 9 Game no less!

On top of this, got some exciting album artwork commissions coming up, multiple logo Work, trading cards, and the potential to work on more game-related stuff! So busy, but very exciting times ahead :D

And apart from that, feel free to check out a couple of recent videos posted up on my YouTube channel ( ), and I'll catch you next time!

Much Love <3


From my Fifth Installment of Dan Art Fridays, and my first ever LIVE STREAM! Took the recording of the main one I worked on, to share the step-by-step process with you guys.

A sit down retrospective review done by myself and partner in crime, Andy, of the classic Mega Drive Sonic the hedgehog games: Sonic 1, 2, 3 and knuckles. Not so much biased, as bumbling and unprofessional..... SUBSCRIBE NOW.