New Interview Series', and Shodcast Launch.... oh my!

Hey guys and gals! Been awhile since I last updated through here and a lot has happened since my last post! My content on my YouTube channel has expanded... First off, with my interview series that has kicked off spectacularly with a total of 4 full interviews now online on my channel (see videos below for full playlist). I've interviewed lots of awesome people, from Nerd Core musicians, game designers, 3D artists and programmers, with many more upcoming! A lot of the people featured are a part of my upcoming Network of Awesome Artist Showcase.... but more of that later!

Next up, is another new endeavor focused on exclusive YouTube content..... a podcast! These are done by me and my good friend Andy Cheetham, in which we focus on less work related things, such as games, media news, discussions on various subjects... and well, all presented in our unique bullshit laden way, as the title would suggest. 
You can watch the first three episodes now! Just click on the playlist below, and their all there waiting for ya.... all patient like = )
Also you can contact us to suggest future topics we could talk about, or any interesting stories you think we should cover!
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