New Upcoming YouTube Series Debut's!

As I try to make my YouTube Channel home to more and more exclusive content away from my other social media channels, I have started a few videos that will (hopefully) lead onto their own individual series focusing on various things. The first one of note is when me and my Partner in crime, Andy Cheetham of ChillCre8tive, sat down to do our first informal sit-down game review of Final Fantasy Type-0, which is going to be the first in our collaborative game review series in which we review a host of games, from past to present day... Our own unique brand of mumbling biased bullshit comes free of charge.

Another series I'm looking to starting, is recordings of me while i complete various drawings, sketches and artwork (AKA Speed Sketches), time-lapsed so you get a unique insight into the creation process of various projects by yours truly! The first of which you can view below.

Apart from these first videos that are now out there on my YouTube channel herrrrrrre: , other new video's that are coming up are the start of my new Artist Interview series, four of which have already been filmed and are currently in edit, in which i talk to various people about the awesome work they do. There there is the Artist showcase videos, focusing on various types of independent artists from far-ranging medias as acting, pixel art, musicians, game designers and multiple visual arts. Then on top of that, I'm looking into creating a weekly podcast, of rambling and mind-riffery with some mates, so aside from all the creative things you will see me covering, you can also hear me talking whatever crap comes into my mind as we look at each weeks events.... if that tickles your fancy.
So stick around! So much video and audio content coming up that i literally cannot contain mahself