Work Featured and Interview! Oh my

Hello! Had a much needed small holiday away at a friends for a few days... well i say holiday, i still had to work on some deadlines, and actually got several interviews for the website done.... but I'll update on that later. But yes, I did an interview for Opinionated Panda several weeks ago and it's gone live! so you can read all about me, the work i do and my influences if you like :)


As well as that tasty little morsel of me, I was pleasantly surprised to see a note in my DeviantArt inbox telling me that one of my old Star Wars fan arts had been featured on a site with so many incredible artists! Some of which have actually done work for official Star Wars projects, so needless to say the fact that an old sketch of mine was shown alongside such masterpieces made my day :)

If your wondering which one is mine, its the pencil one of Durge by DangoMango ;)