Handychaps - The Game I Made

A collaboration between myself and Andy Cheetham, for the Handyman service's website, Handychaps. I created all in game artwork and Icons, and was the first game project I created that would be live and be played by others... it was also the first time I created artwork solely in Illustrator which was challenging, but gives the final look of the game a smooth, simple and distinct style.
Though there was numerous bumps in the road to finishing this project (as is always the case when working as part of a team), it's been great learning experience and I'm proud to have my very first game completed!

Try out the game yourself!

Expect more game art and interactive goodies in the near future :)

Myself, and Andrew Cheetham sit down to look back and talk about the game me and him worked on, discussing our favourite moments from the project and what we're going to do going forward from this experience.