Welcome to Danji's!

Hello everyone! And welcome one and all to what critics are calling, 'the best thing since the invention of the Lightsaber'* the launch of my brand spanking new website!

Here will be the base of all my operations and where I will now work from with all my future updates, which will then no doubt trickle down onto my other social media sites like some form of illustration based primordial soup.... speaking of which, head over to my contact page to find all my other online abodes and follow me on such sites as Facebook and Tumblr if you haven’t already... don't worry I don't bite! (unless you're a sandwich in which case you've been warned).

I've split my main body of work into sections based on the projects or genre they're part of to make things easier to find for you... if your finding the zoomed in high-def pics too slow to find what you want however, feel free to click the top-right grid icon to see all the works in smaller format.

On top of that, I've also got a whole other gallery alongside that just for my sketchbook work, where you can find all my rougher, traditional and downright silly doodles in various media...... OOH yes, while I'm on the subject, most Friday's over on my Facebook page I hold a errr 'Dan Art Fridays' (definitely a very imaginative way to re-brand the commonly used Fan-Art Fridays.... yes) thingy, where essentially I make myself open to suggestions from all my followers, those of which I will then draw in my current sketchbook! So come on over and get involved.... It's been on hiatus for awhile but I'll be starting it up again very soon :)

And I thiiink... that's pretty much it for this introduction! Everything else is pretty much covered on the site already, though if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me directly through the site (or my social media sites* OK I'll stop shamelessly self promoting now), and I would love to hear back off you of your thoughts on the site! Any feedback at all is welcome!

Much love to you all who have supported me thus far, and who’s support I dedicate the launch of my first official website to..... if it wasn't for you guys this wouldn't be possible.

See you very soon!



Danji's Designs


(*And no critics didn't really say that.... but it would have been nice if they had)