Commission T&Cs

The following is an official list of information regarding how I work in regards to commissioned work. It is advised that you read through these terms and conditions thoroughly BEFORE starting the commission process with me, to avoid any miscommunication and time-wasting between either of us.

Terms & Conditions:

Payment Info:

  • For ALL commissions, payments must be paid up front, either in full or 50% minimum of the total cost. [I CANNOT START WORK UNTIL I HAVE RECEIVED ANY FORM OF PAYMENT] If you pay half payment up front, the rest will be required upon completion of artwork; You will receive a low resolution proof screen-shot as evidence of art completion, then upon clearance of complete payment I will release all of the Hi-Res files and email them to your contact email of choice. *If you pay in full up front you will bypass this process
  • Payments via PayPal only, unless other special arrangements are made.
  • I am based in the UK, so for any international transfers via Paypal, a $5 transfer fee will apply PER TRANSFER SENT.
  • Additional costs may occur with any edits AFTER completion of final artwork, so keep this in mind. Costs will vary on the amount of work, and up to my own discretion based on the time taken.
  • NO REFUNDS. You are paying me not just for the final product, but the time and effort taken to create it. In the instance that I have only begun the work up to the initial draft, and for whatever reason you do not wish to proceed past this stage of the project to a final outcome, then I am more than happy to refund 50% if you have already paid the full cost up front. And if you have paid half in the above scenario, then if you do not wish for me to continue with the project past the draft, you will not be expected to pay the last half of the total commission costs.

How I Work:

  • Upon agreement to start the project, I need as much information from you as possible, so be prepared with all the information, descriptions as well as visual examples and references before I get under way. This helps keep the whole process smooth from the start, though it is common practice for clients to remain in constant contact with me throughout the duration of the project.
  • If I have full creative reign of a project PLEASE be aware of my style of artwork beforehand, so you are completely sure it meets the same design you want.
  • The process and stages vary depending on the type of work I’m being commissioned for, here is an example of 2 common ones;

[LOGO DESIGN] – Using the information provided, I create a range of around 12–20 rough sketches. From them it's up to you to choose what design elements you like most to determine what direction we are going in, at which point I will take your favourites and develop them digitally, again to a point we can iron out designs you don’t like. This goes on until we have one definitive, final design.

[ILLUSTRATION] – From the brief provided, I will create a rough draft which I will then to email to you; it's at this stage that I will need to know any fundamental changes to the art/concept OR if you are cancelling the project, as once I get confirmation of the first draft from you, I will proceed to complete the final artwork.


  • You must state before the commission is under way whether the art needs to be ready for a particular deadline date. It's important for me to know, so I can schedule the project in between my other work, and know if I can realistically complete it in time for when you need it.


  • I will not directly copy someone else's work or plagiarise someone else's art in my own; Parody is acceptable in certain circumstances, but it is completely up to my own discretion whether I refuse work based on this or any other circumstances. I retain all copyrights to the artwork I create and complete even after the job is finished and you have paid in full. I retain the right to display the work on my personal websites and portfolio if I so choose.

Delivery of Work:

  • In nearly all circumstances, upon receipt of final payment I will email full resolution files in the following formats; JPEG (in both RGB for digital use, and CMYK for print - I will label the files clearly) and PNG, the latter usually for logos and other work that requires the art without a background. If you need any other file types, feel free to tell me at any point during the commission process.

Upon receipt of your payment, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions listed here, unless personally stated otherwise.


Your custom is much appreciated,

Daniel Hill, Head Honcho of Danji's Designs

Daniel Hill, Head Honcho of Danji's Designs