Artist Gallery ~Season02

On this page you will find the complete list of all 30 Artists who are part of the second season of our Network Of Awesome, complete with an example of each persons work, a short bio about them and a link to their website.

Emeline Marshall ~Emiko Chan Art's

Since a young age I've always had a passion for drawing. When I first watched Pokemon the original series I came amazed of how beautiful the artwork was and the effort the animators put into the show, as today i'm a major fan of it myself and my dream to someday do something like that. Pokemon was the main reason why i love art so much today as originally was going to be a vet but my mind changed and ended up working towards my own artwork. I also now have a foundation degree in graphics design and will have a page on my work from university on which i created myself! I also help create the mascot for the convention in Sunderland known as Sunny con~ the mascot is known as Sunny this also gave me the confidence to keep going on with my work and creating art today!



An emcee with a love of video games, anime, and anything else nerdy, but truly rooted in hip hop, As of now TekForce, is actively pursuing a Hip Hop career and making them moves necessary to achieve his goals. His first album is going to be released in 2015 by the name of “Tek Support”, as well as various collaborations with other artists in both Nerdcore and Hip Hop in general. 2015 is definitely the year in which Tekforce is going to take his game onto the next level...


Reechu Illustrations


The name is Rio but somehow obtained the nickname Reechu by my close friends which I've become oddly attached to. I'm 24 going on old and have been drawing since I can remember. Drawing has become an important part of my life. I am self taught in both traditional and digital media, using all kinds of materials from pens, inks, chalk, dirt and my not so trusty Wacom Bamboo Tablet. My art work is manga influenced but I want to break away from that and experiment to find my own style. Though I'm not a fan of people I love to draw them, especially when contemporary dance is involved. The human body and the way it moves is what feeds my drawing needs, along with my active imagination. I have used my art skills at work and have won company incentives.

I also had the chance this year to participate in May 2015 London MCM Comic Con. Soon to finally attend Kingston University to do Illustration Animation, this September 2015, I look forward to developing my skills as an artist and to hopefully one day express myself through my illustrations and inspire others like others have inspired me.


Yoku Masaki

I am A Man who likes to try and do it all for the love of art and what have you, i originally come from the small town of Toledo, Ohio, but moved to Az to make a bigger name for myself as an artist. i have been making music for 10 years, and Doing photography for more than 5 years. i switch on and off on these as much as i can or together, hence why i started my own company, Jurai Media to expose and help promote the art i love to create and help others on that same path. while i do make music and photography for the love of it and success, i do have a passion of expressing myself to others on things, hence why i started youtubing. I've only been doing it for a year, but i hope to make it a lifelong passion that many people will recognize me for as well as my other crafts.





Katrin Dreiling Illustrations


Katrin Dreiling wants to live in a world where children's books are remembered because they make children laugh, gasp and wonder. Ever since leaving her well-paid job as a highschool language teacher, Katrin has been busy creating illustrations for just these kinds of books – living merely off water, bread and chocolate. Being a self-published author/illustrator, she is an active member of BIG, SCIBWI and Writelinks. She has done the illustrations for several highly popular, animated university lectures that are currently being used by a local university, and that attracted more than 20,000 views and hundreds of likes, shares, subscribers and playlist listings within less than 3 months. Her artist Facebook page is keenly followed by more than 600 fans and her work was featured on Redbubble a number of times.

When Katrin hasnt locked herslef into her tiny studio together with her huge, always hungry canine assistant, you can find her giving noisy art classes to her three children and their friends. She might also watch a Marvel movie or read a blood-curdling novel.