About Me

'Happiness through depiction'

Danji's Designs main goal is to set out to bring unique and imaginative design and Illustration work to whatever project or business that requires it.

Starting out in Graphic Design based work for a variety of local businesses in the UK, including Logo Design and Promotional material, I have since expanded into an international client list that is heavily focused around (but not limited to) music and promotion. 
Breaking into the independent music scene after commissioned work from US Nerdcore Hip Hop artist Mega Ran, since then I have worked with many musicians and businesses looking to build their brand over in the States. Album artwork is something I have become well known for now, though I often work in Poster design, character artwork, Logo's, Flyers, video intros, pixel art as well a whole host of other cool projects. I have even collaborated on various projects with other artists, including creating visuals for a flash videogame for a construction company's website.
Though digital art is my go-to weapon of choice, I'm an experienced traditional artist with a love of Ink and watercolours, which I not only use in my own personal projects but have been commissioned for with personal requests including paintings and portraits. My flexibility with different medias means that I have different avenues to approach each new project that is brought my way, to create something original that still fits the clients needs.
As well as my professional work I am slowly building up my own artwork portfolio of art prints and other merchandise which will be available for sale in my online store, as well as art fair's and conventions in the near future in the UK and beyond. 
My aim is to take the artwork I create with Danji's Designs, and travel the world bringing it to as many people as possible; whether that's by commission or my own stories that I've put to paper for other people to enjoy. 



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